How to choose you bridal shoes in 3 steps

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Bridal wedding shoes can be tricky to choose not only because they have to fit with your entire look but also because you want them to be comfortable throughout the whole day. That’s why you must take into consideration this five easy steps that will help you have the best bridal wedding shoes ever.

1. Correct height

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High heels are what a girl adores - Carrie from Sex and the City said it and we surely agree but we also know we can’t walk that much with a 6 inch heel! That’s why you have to settle for a height you are really comfortable with. You wedding gown won’t reduce in length just because you changed your shoes, so make sure your bridal wedding shoes are the proper height at all times.

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2. Have another option

Usually people with refer to your accessories as the third hardest yes, after the one said to your fiance and the one to your gown. But I personally don’t see it like this, why should you choose just a pair of shoes when you can opt for two, even three. Opt for a kitten heel for your ceremony, a fancy killer heel for you party and some comfy ballerina shoes for your after party.

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3. The correct style

Some of us love stiletto shoes, others a fancy pump or beautiful lace embroidered sandals, it's all about our choices. But if you decide to wear a different type of shoes for your ceremony than the one you choose regularly make sure you give it a try first. If you opt for a certain pair of shoes make sure to buy a duplicate one in a different color and wear that pair until you feel comfortable with it before the wedding.

Hope this three steps will help you get the best shoes ever.  Don’t forget to share your tips in the comment section below!

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