How to choose your wedding stylist

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Celebrity weddings are known for their glamour, glitz and elegance. The brides in particular rely on a team of beauticians and stylists to make sure that they look stunning on their big day. No matter what your budget, you can still have a touch of the celebrity at your wedding though, as long as you pick the right stylist for you.

A lot of brides feel nervous about this decision. After all, you want to feel like a million dollars on your big day, and this is the person that will be in charge of your whole look. Luckily, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to pick the perfect stylist for you.

Do your research
There are so many hair and make-up artists out there that it’s hard to know where to begin. The best thing to do is to think about where you’re going to be on the morning of your wedding. You might be getting ready in your home, in which case you can do an online search for those in your area.

If you’re getting ready at a hotel in another part of the country, you could either do your own search of that area, or get in touch with your venue co-ordinator, as they will often have supplier lists that they work with on a regular basis. You should always do a separate search for mobile hairdressers and make-up artists though; your initial ideas might be focused on salons, but freelancers can have much better availability and often a wider portfolio.

Check out their portfolio
Speaking of portfolios, that’s your next step. You need to check out their portfolio of work to see what kind of styling they do a lot of, what they’re best at, if they do any unique looks and so on. If there’s something that you would want, or a style that you can take inspiration from, that’s a great initial reaction, and then you can get in touch with them for an enquiry about what you would need as well as references. Many stylists these days, such as this hair and make-up artist in Manchester, have an online portfolio for you to preview.

Have a trial run
After you’ve gone over how many bridesmaids you have, the styles you want for them and any additional requirements for yourself, you’re ready for your trial run. This allows you to gauge two things. First of all, how your stylist acts around you is a huge indicator of whether or not you’ll get on; this is your special day, so being on the same wavelength as your stylist is essential. Secondly, it allows you to fine tune what you want and make sure that any miscommunications or problems are ironed out; it’s better to get the mistakes out of the way beforehand than have a disaster on your big day.

I hope you find this brief guide useful in your quest for celebrity wedding glamour. What look did you go for on your wedding day?

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